ULS Draft V1


ULS draft V1 is now available for review and comments.

ULS Draft V1


You need to navigate to the chapter and the section for which you have added the comment. There the comment can be viewed in the right side panel. The correct procedure to post a comment to a section in a chapter is:

1.Login as a registered user

2.Click on the Post your comments icon on the right hand top of the Interactive Handbook (IH).

3.Now you will see the "Upload Comment" button on the right side bottom of the IH and click this button

4.Choose the necessary chapter/ section and provide the comment in the textarea provided and click the "Submit" button.

5.To view the posted comment, you have to navigate to the chapter/ section you have provided while posting the comment.

6.Please note that this comment is only visible to the current user and no users are permitted to view the comments of other users.

7.Once this comment is reviewed by the ULS staff, you will be able to recognise it with a border color change (green for accepted comments and red when not applicable ).